👋 Hi, I’m Jeffrey Chiao (they/them)! I believe in the power of games and its ability to tell stories - and I live for making sure those stories get told.

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What I bring to the table!


I’m all about putting People First.

When it comes to making games, the needs of the human beings behind it all must always be prioritized and taken into consideration where possible. People come first, and if they come first, they’ll be given the room to make amazing stuff.

Experienced with more than one side of game development.

Project Management, Game Design, and Narrative Design are my forte, but I also have experience programming, marketing, handling release management, and running a business. In this space, familiarity with as many sides of the industry as possible makes it easier to consistently communicate and understand the work your cohorts are spending their time on.


Prolific in game design and production.

I’ve helped produce games with widespread acclaim, including UNBEATABLE [white label], vivid/stasis, both of which have Overwhelmingly Positive (95+%) reviews on Steam. I’ve played a part in successful launches, both freeware and commercial!


Designer of games to not just tell stories, but play stories.

Games are a powerful tool that can tell emotionally evocative narratives or act as a engine for emergent, audience-driven storytelling. Game Design and Narrative Design must be in parallel - they must amplify each other and service the game’s goals in tandem, and that’s how I approach the art of two critical pillars of a punched-up experience.

Considerate and tactful of the people who play our games.

We’re nothing without the audience that plays our games - and similar to how I put people first in production, I apply a similar practice in mind of the people that are excited for the things we make. But it’s important not to fall into that vacuum - they’re our players, but we’re the game masters - our solutions and approach to game feedback should always be ours to own, first and foremost.

Other Company Work



I’m a video game producer and designer based in the DMV area, with the goal of making sure the teams I’m a part of are given the things they need to make incredible experiences.

I’m tackling that goal head-on with my expertise in game production and game design. I am currently handling production at D-CELL GAMES.

In my free time, I like to go swimming, traveling, and hanging out with local gaming scenes in the area. If there’s a arcade nearby with Dance Dance Revolution, you can expect to see me there!

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